Chronologische Liste bisheriger und zukünftiger Veranstaltungen

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 Prof. Dr. Yves Smeers (CORE and UCL, Belgium)
 Kolloquium des Departments Mathematik (Erlangen)


 Prof. Dr. Yves Smeers (CORE and UCL, Belgium)
 “Future Trends in Gas Market Modeling”
 Workshop on Gas Transport and Gas Market Modeling (EnCN Nürnberg)


Dr. Dimitru Trucu (Dundee)
„Novel perspectives in Multiscale Modelling and Analysis: The novel concept of three-scale convergence" (Darmstadt)


Jun-Prof. Dr. Oliver Kolb (Mannheim)
„On the full and Global Accuracy of a Compact Third Order WENO Scheme" (Darmstadt)

 26.11.2014 - 27.11.2014

 Kickoff-Meeting (Herzogenaurach)